Sodium Hypophosphite Uses

Electroless Nickel (EN)
Sodium Hypophosphite (SHP) acts as a reducing agent to supply the electrons necessary for the EN process. The EN process allows for uniform plating thickness on not only metal objects, but also plastics and ceramics.

Chemical Intermediate
Used as a raw material in the production of other products, including Hypophosphorous Acid. It may be used in synthetic organic chemistry, especially in deamination via reduction of diazo derivatives.

Reducing Agent
SHP may be used as a reducing agent or antioxidant in chemical processing.

Analytical Reagent
Sodium Hypophosphite can be as use as an analytical reagent.

Polymerization Catalyst
Used as a catalyst in some polymerization reactions.

Polymer Stabilizer
SHP is used as a stabilizer to prevent degradation of polymers during extrusion or in other heated processing.

Flame Retardant
Sodium Hypophosphite may be used as a partial fire retardant.

Ion Exchange Resin
It will provide a source of electrons in resin regeneration.

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